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E-mail: office@mrazovack9.com

E-mail: office@mrazovack9.com

E-mail: office@mrazovack9.com

Dogs for sale


FREDI-Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog
FREDI is a georgeus German Shepherd male dog!His personality is just great with wonderful temperament.His eager to please the owner is outstanding.Fredi is great with children's,as he is raised up in the family with children's,with other dog's,around horses. He is calm and very affectionate is the situation requires his action to protect the family or the property.
He is very easy to handle in obedience,like to take car rides,go hiking or to follow for a jogging.
Fredi is confident in every environment,on public places,around large group of peoples,calm around other dogs and animals.
He is a true gengleman,very well behaved good mannered dog,he can be a dream dog for every owner.
Call us if you would like to discouss more about this beautiful dog.

Nike-Protection Dog

Nike-Protection Dog

Nike-Personal Protection Dog level3

Nike is very well built up dog,very promising for breeding and show.

He is very well balanced dog,with a good temperament and wonderful personality.

Nike is great with children's,socialized for other dog's and animals.He is comfortable on public places,like to travel in the car,very well behaved in the house.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in Nike,


Gerri-Personal Protection Dog
GERRI is a wonderful German Shepherd male dog,very smart,very agile,family oriented dog,who likes to fetch the ball,likes to ride in the car with the family.Gerri is house broken,very careful,good behaved well mannered dog.
He likes to be part of the daily routine of the family,likes to swim,likes to follow for jogging or hiking.
If you want to have a beautiful family pet,who will protect in every situation,call us for more information.


Gordon-Personal Protection Dog level 3

Gordon is just wonderful in any point of view,he is beautiful,he is great with children's,well mannered in the house,confident on public places.

Gordon has very good temperament,knows when it is a fun time with the family,when he has to back up and not bother,and also knows when the situation requires his skills to protect the family/handler.

He likes to drive in the car,he love to swim,like to go everywere with the family.

His protection is strong and sharp,yet very easy to handle in obedience.

We can recommend him for the families with small children's,families with other dog's,he is comfortable around horses,as well with parrots.

If you would like to know more about Gordon,call us and we will be happy to answer your questions.


NOX-Personal Protection Dog

Nox is a very nice German Shepherd male dog,his personality is very sweet,his temperament is very well balanced.Nox is house broken,good mannered well behaved with the family,curious but reserved with strangers.He likes to play with childrens,fetch the ball,go for swim,follows like everywhere where he is alowed.

In Nox you will find not just a great buddy,a wonderful companion,but also a loyal protector of the family.

Don't hasitate if you like him contact us,satisfaction is guaranteed.



Brutus is wondcerful young Doberman male dog!He is raised around children's in the family with other dog's and animals.

He is good around other dog's,comfortable on public places,like to fetch,like to accompany the owner on hiking,jogging,car rides.

Feel free to contact us for more information


Castro-Personal Protection Dog

Castro is a born beauty,his temperament is wonderful.Raised up around children’s,great with other dogs.He is family oriented,very focused to the handler.He likes to fetch,run,enjoying car rides,likes to swim.He is very easy to handle,following commands very well.Castro is very well socialized,good mannered well behaved dog.

If you are interested in a purchase,feel free to contact us.


Touareg-Personal Protection Dog
Touareg is a wonderful German Shepherd male dog,he has a VA rating on show!
BH,IPO titled,Multiple time SHOW winner!
He is great with children's,good with other dog's,house broken,enjoying car rides,family oriented dog!
Dog who is eager to please the owner,like to be part of the families everyday life.
Contact Us if you feel that you would like to have such a wonderful dog as Touareg is,


BOOA-Personal Protection Dog

Booa is Personal Protection Dog level 3,

She is very well socialized,good mannered well behaved dog.Graet with children's,good with other dog's.Booa enjoys the car rides,walks in the woods,hiking or jogging.

Booa is very family oriented dog,her loyalty is unquestionable,she is a best friend and a fearless protector of the family!

She had a great drives,wonderful temperamet.

Feel free to contac us if you are interested,


Nano-King is a beautiful Rottweiler male dog.His personality is sweet,very curious dog.He was raised in a family environment around young children's and other dogs.
Nano-King is very well behaved,good mannerd,self confident dog.
He has several show winning,and holder of Young Champion title.
Feel free to ask about Nano-King,satisfaction is guaranteed with this beautiful giant.


APOLLO is a wonderful black German Shepherd male dog.He is raised up with the family,great around children’s,good with other dogs and animals.Apollo is a great addition to every family,he is focused to the handler,following the commands easily.
His personality is wonderful,very sweet and lovable dog,alwa ready to please the family,he likes to be part of the everyday life.
Let us know if you are interested,and we will be happy to assist you,

Argus Mrazovac K9


Personal Protection Dog-ARGUS MRAZOVAC K9

Argus a special dog,he is a dog for a person or a family who want an extraordinary dog,he is for peoples who will appreciate his loyalty,love,attention.

He was born in our kennel,rised in the house around peoples,children's,cat's,parrot.He is completly understand the life with humans...

It is a dog who is a dream of many many peoples,families out there.

If you would like to purchase Argus,feel free to call or email us.


Xarus-Personal Protection Dog

XARUS Personal protection Dog level 3

Xarus is a very big German Shepherd male dog,raised up in the family with children's and other dogs.He is confident and well balanced in any environment,very affectionate everywhere.

His personality is great.Always like to be around peoples,no matter where they go,he just follows...

Xarus is trained on and off lead obedience,like to travel by car,front seat,back seat or in the back in a crate.In his eyes you can see a sparkle,intelligent,smart,self confident great dog.

You can go jogging,shopping,camping or just relaxing with your favorite songs,when he is there you don't have to worry about your safety,Xarus will take care of it.

If You would like to have a perfect dog for You and Your Family,don't hesitate call us today.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.


IKKO- Personal Protection Dog
IKKO is a beautiful German Shepherd male dog!He likes to be part of the everyday life of the family.
He is very well mannered dog,house broken and great with children's.Like to fetch,travel in the car,go for swimming.
He is a true friend,best buddy and a fearless protector of the family.
If you are showing interest in Ikko,feel free to contact us,

Dallas - Fully Trained Doberman for Sale

Dallas-Protection Dog

Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog - DALLAS

Dallas is an amazing Doberman male dog,he has a great drives,very solid nerves.

He is very well socialized for any surrounding,comfortable on public places,aroung large group of peoples,great with other dog's,enjoying the company of the family.

Dallas is house broken,very well behaved in the house,not chewing anything.

He is a very stabile dog,rised up around children's in the family.

Feel free to ask more about Dallas,


ARCHI- Protection Dog

Archi is a stunning Swiss Shepherd male with an amazing personality.He is truly one of a kind and combines good looks,power and gentleness all in one.In everyday life Archi is easy to handle,comfortable and friendly around peoples,great with children's.He is ready to do anything with the family,weather it is going for shopping,for walks or just to be around to watch for their safety.He has been raised with kids and other dogs.He could be very good addition to every family.

Bond Mrazovac K9

BOND- Protection Dog

BOND is a stunning addition to any family.His personality is awesom,very social with peoples,great around childrens.Bond likes the car rides,joggings or to be company while the family is watching TV.He is raised in family environment with childrens.He is very obedient,easy to handle in everyday life.In protection he is very strong and stabile against the treat of the family.


FRANKLIN-Personal Protection Dog

Franklin is a one of a kind beautiful dark sable German Shepherd male dog.He has a great personality and is a bundle of joy to work with.He loves to play fetch and go for walks,or rides in the car,or to swim.He is social with peoples and love children's.In obedience he is motivated,and love to please his handler.In protection he has a great speed,power and deep bark.With his tenacity and skills he is not to be taken lighly.Franklin would make an exeptional addition to a household with children or for those needing top level of protection.

Customer who will buy this wonderful dog,will have a Personal Delivery by our trainers and will be provided a 2 day handling course for Franklin.


Figo-Personal Protection Dog
Figo is wonderful black and tan German Shepherd male dog.He is house broken,car trained dog.In obedience very focused on a handler,very well socialized,comfortable on every place,on slippery floor,on stairs,trained for police and military purpose,his personality is very strong,he need a self confident handler who will know how to put himself in an ALPHA position.Figo in protection is as a thunder,quick,loud and sharp...

Bonnie Mrazovac K9

Bonnie-Personal Protection Dog

Personal Protection Dog-BONNIE


Bonnie is a very very good mannered dog,careful and nice with children's,great with other dog's,a dog who can found rarely,due to her personality,temperament,drives...she is a dream dog!

She is always looking to be around the family,naturally protective,she can be pet by others,but it not means that she is a friend,she is reserved mostly for a family.

She is obedient,easy to handle,very loyal to the family.

Please feel free to call or email us if you are interested in BONNIE.


Alba-Personal Protection Dog

Personal Protection Dog-Alba

Alba is Personal Protection Dog level 3,Advanced Obedience trained(on and off lead),House broken,.Car trained,Crate trained,Agility trained.

She is extremly good with children's,very well socialized,comfortable on public places,very loyal to the family.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in this wonderful dog,


Riga-Personal Protection Dog

RIGA is a Ggerman Shepherd guard dog for sale

Riga is simply wonderful!

She is wonderul in any aspects,obedient,well mannered,careful with childrens,energic while play,comfortable with car rides,well behaved in the house,good with other dogs...She is great as a companion,friend and fearless protector if needed.You can count on great time if Riga is there,her sweet personality makes her a lovable family member.Like I said,a Black Diamond on four legs!

If you would like to talk to Us about Riga,don't hasitate to call us today!Satisfaction Guaranteed!



Argus- Personal Protection Dog

Personal Protection Dog-ARGUS

Argus is comes from our proven combination of parents.

Well socialized,on and off leash trained.He has a good temperament,stabil character,curious dog,like to travel by car.Argus is wonderful in any aspect.In protection he is very strong and sharp,responds on first command.He is very protective of the family and territory.