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E-mail: office@mrazovack9.com

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E-mail: office@mrazovack9.com

Dogs for sale


Trey-Personal Protection Dog

Atrey is a large dark sable German Shepherd male who leaves a lasting impression with everyone he meets. Atrey is outgoing, bold, and social with everyone. Whether it’s coming along for rides in the car or playing fetch in the back yard, Atrey is always up for anything. Dogs built like Atrey are usually less agile and athletic than some of the smaller framed dogs, however, with Atrey this is not the case; he possesses both size and athleticism. He is very intense and powerful in protection and backs it up with how he fights.


Jannik-Personal Protection Dog

Jannik is a beautiful black and tan colored male German Shepherd. He has an outstanding temperament and make up all around. He has all the right features for someone looking for an easy to handle top level protection dog. Jannik is easy to handle in every day life, and loves to meet people, children, and other dogs. He is gentle enough, yet serious in protection, and moves fast and strikes with a hard bite. In every day life he is playful and loves to fetch. Jannik is always in good spirits and happy going, yet well mannered. Jannik would make a great addition for a person or family looking for the best of both worlds.

Private *****

Private *****Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog

Private is a handsome dark sable colored German Shepherd with beautiful coloring and beautiful markings. While Private can be calm and affectionate with people and children, he is also a force to be reckoned with. Private loves to work and has a strong bark and intense expression. Private loves to go for walks and absolutely loves to play fetch with a kong or ball. Private would make a great family companion and protector.


Cito-Personal Protection Dog level 3
Cito is a large German Shepherd male dog,with childrens he is careful,great with other dogs and animals.
Cito is house broken,likes the car rides,enjoying long walks,or just to watch TV with the family.
He is very well socialized,comfortable and confident in any place he can accompany his human.
Contact us if you have any question about this awesome dog


Bosco-Persoanl Protection Dog
BOSCO is a darksable male German Shepherd with lovely coloring and body structure. He is easy to handle and loves to please his handler. He is focused and attentive, and always ready to perform. He is friendly with people, children and dogs. In protection he is exceptional and brings speed, power and precision to his battle


Pityke-Personal Protection Dog
Pityke is a handsome dark sable male German Shepherd with exceptional ability in protection. Pityke is social with people and forms a unique bond with his handler. In everyday life he is playful, loving, and energetic. He loves to play fetch, go for walks, and ride in the car. In protection he is intense and powerful showing he is serious about protecting what matters.


APOLLO is a wonderful black German Shepherd male dog.He is raised up with the family,great around children’s,good with other dogs and animals.Apollo is a great addition to every family,he is focused to the handler,following the commands easily.
His personality is a wonderful,very sweet and lovable dog,always ready to please the family,he likes to be part of everyday life.
Let us know if you are interested,and we will be happy to assist you,


IKKO- Personal Protection Dog
IKKO is a beautiful German Shepherd male dog!He likes to be part of the everyday life of the family.
He is very well mannered dog,house broken and great with children's.Like to fetch,travel in the car,go for swimming.
He is a true friend,best buddy and a fearless protector of the family.
If you are showing interest in Ikko,feel free to contact us


LANA-Personal Protection Dog
Lana is a wonderful black German Shepherd female.
She is very social with people,very confident in public places,well mannered and a good behaved dog.
Lana is housebroken,used to living with people in the house,comfortable with house rules.
She is great with childrens,good with other dogs and animals.
Feel free to call or email us if you are interested in this black beauty.


Carla-Protection Dog
Carla is very well socialized,good with children,good around other dogs.She is obedience on and off lead trained,housebroken,like to travel in the car,always ready to follow the owner,easy to handle.


FREDI-Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog
FREDI is a gorgeous German Shepherd male dog!His personality is just great with wonderful temperament.He is eager to please the owner and is outstanding.Fredi is great with children,as he is raised up in the family with children,with other dog's,around horses. He is calm and very affectionate as the situation requires his action to protect the family or the property.
He is very easy to handle in obedience,like to take car rides,go hiking or to go jogging.
Fredi is confident in every environment,in public places,around large groups of people,calm around other dogs and animals.
He is a true gentleman,very well behaved good mannered dog,he can be a dream dog for every owner.
Call us if you would like to discuss more about this beautiful dog.


Gordon-Personal Protection Dog level 3

Gordon is just wonderful in any point of view,he is beautiful,he is great with children,well mannered in the house,confident in public places.

Gordon has very good temperament,knows when it is a fun time with the family,when he has to back up and not bother,and also knows when the situation requires his skills to protect the family/handler.

He likes to drive in the car,he loves to swim,and likes to go everywhere with the family.

His protection is strong and sharp,yet very easy to handle in obedience.

We can recommend him for the families with small children,families with other dog's,he is comfortable around horses,as well with parrots.

If you would like to know more about Gordon,call us and we will be happy to answer your questions.


Nano-King is a beautiful Rottweiler male dog.His personality is a sweet,very curious dog.He was raised in a family environment around young children's and other dogs.
Nano-King is a very well behaved,good mannered,self confident dog.
He has several show winning,and holder of Young Champion title.
Feel free to ask about Nano-King,satisfaction is guaranteed with this beautiful giant


Mamba-Personal Protection Dog level 3
Mamba is a family oriented ,very well mannered good behaved dog.
She is housebroken,great around childrens,good with other dogs,very stable,young and easy to handle.
She is sharp in protection,very loyal to the owners.
Call or email us if you are interested in this nice female Malinois.


Dallas-Protection Dog

Dallas is an amazing Doberman male dog,very well mannered good behaved dog.

He is very well socialized for any surroundings,comfortable in public places,around a large group of people,great with other dog's,and enjoys the company of the family.

Dallas is house broken,very well behaved in the house,not chewing anything.

He is a very stable dog,raised around children in the family.

Feel free to ask more about Dallas,

Sir Hundred G *****

Sir Hundred G
Sir Hundred G is a striking Black&Rust Doberman maledog, with stunning brown eyes. Sir Hundred G is a combination of good looks paired with a great temperament and outgoing personality leaving everyone he meets with a lasting impression. He loves to play fetch or go for a walk, and travels well. He is always ready to go and attentive to his handler, executing his commands with passion. In protection Sir Hundred G is a force to be reckoned with. He possesses a deep bark, tenacity and power and delivers a crushing blow. Sir Hundred G is great with children and other animals and would make a great addition to a family.

Only for serious buyers,his name talks to itself.