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E-mail: office@mrazovack9.com


Our Pricing


Watch Dog

Family Companion

The WATCH dog, barks a warning to the handler, to allow the handler to control the situation. To call the police, or investigate the situation for themselves.This dog requires basic obedience, to control the barking.

from 5,500$US

Family Protection Dogs



Level 1

The level 1 dog is trained to show an aggressive display on command. This dog will lunge, show teeth, and bark aggressively at the end of the leash towards any aggressor
who tries to approach once his "protect" command is
given. Weapons, yelling, or other forms of intimidation will not cause this dog to back down. Although this dog will
most likely bite if an aggressor physically challenged the dog, the level 1 dog is not specifically trained how to most
effectively fight the aggressor as is the level 2 dog. The level 1 dog's main purpose is as a deterrent (which is usually enough for most situations

from 6,500$US

Level 2
Defense Dog

The level 2 dog will show the same aggressive display as the level 1 dog on command. This dog has also been trained how to most effectively win a fight with aggressors who physically challenge him. This dog
is trained to use the bone crushing power of the back of its jaw by biting deep instead of with just the front of its mouth. The dog has also been specifically trained to counter any attempt by an aggressor who strikes or tries to beat off the dog by biting deeper and harder or shaking the part of the body held in the mouth. The dog is trained to release his bite on command.

from 8500 $US

Level 3
Executive Personal Protection Dog

The level 3 dog has all the training of the level 2 dog, but has the option of being able to be deployed off leash to pursue and capture a fleeing person or a threat from a distance. This dog will also release its bite on command from a distance.

from 15000 $US

Sentry dog

The sentry dog is any medium to large breed dog. A sentry dog protects property.
A sentry dog is ideal for commercial purposes, they are not recommended for private persons.

The sentry dog will ATTACK anyone other then his/her handler. . These dogs are dangerous, and should not be owned by private persons.

from 7,500 $US

Titled dogs

SCHh 1

from 10,500 $US

SCHh 2

from 12,500 $US

SCHh 3

from 15,500 $US


Police K-9, Security K-9, Search and Rescue Dogs, Tracking

from 14,500 $US



from 14,500 $US


Pet Quality

from 400 $US

Companion quality potential for Family Protection

from 2,200 $US

Show and Working Quality
Service quality potential for Law Enforcement and Search and

from 3,200 $US

German Shepherds, Boxers, Rottweilers, Belgian Mailnois, and Dobermans ... all breeds.
Our dogs are very social, nice looking and excellent workers, and the price is fair.
We ship dogs Worldwide.

Personal protection Dog training

Basic Trained Family Protection Dog- Level 1 (obey, protection) 3,500 $US
Executive Personal Protection Dog - Level 2
(obey, protection)
4,500 $US
Executive Business Family and Personal Protection Dog - Level 3
(obey, protection)
5,500 $US

Schutzhund and obedience training

BH title 2,200 $US
Schutzhund 1 (IPO1) 4,200 $US
Schutzhund 2 (IPO2) 5,200 $US
Schutzhund 3 (IPO3) 7,200 $US
In-kennel obedience training 4 weeks 700 $US

All dogs should have the necessary drives and the balance to be able to complete our training programs. If the dog does not have the right temperament there will be an additional charge of $ 100.00 per week until balanced enough to continue the training program.
All dog entering into schutzhund should have a score book, tattoo, and F.C.I. papers or foreign pedigree. To save time and money, we suggest sending us a video, so we may evaluate the dog.
Please note: All dogs will be evaluated before any charges, this does not include shipping, receiving before dog is shipped back.

All shipping costs are at owner's expense. Price do not reflect shipping.