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Why to buy a Personal Protection Dog?

Personal protection dogs are a hot topic right now with the surge in public crimes and terrorism. Many families are considering adding a personal protection dog to their home and life. If you’re interested in the possibility of purchasing a guard dog, it’s important to consider whether they are a good fit for your life, for you as a pack leader.

The Pros

•             Better and safer than a gun or alarm system
•             They’re trained to alert you of trouble and to discourage criminal activity
•             They are trained to disable the culprit if a stranger ventures onto your property (on their own as well as on command) and keep them there until law enforcement arrives
•             They are specifically trained to deal with break-ins and they are effective as stopping or discouraging crime.
•             They give undulate affection
•             Act as a wonderful family companion
•             They can go almost anywhere with you — banks, shopping centers and parking lots
•             They can do thorough property searches during a home invasion scare.
•             They make your home, office or family feel much more safe and secure.
•             They are professionally trained to calmly handle and assess the situation
•             They can remain calm AND go into protection mode on command

The Cons

•             Cost. For many people, the cost of personal protection dogs is not a small deal. It isn’t cheap to train them or purchase them (you’re looking at paying between 15–40,000 USD), but most reputable personal protection dog companies will include the training cost with the cost of the dog. Monthly and annual cost of food, vet bills, etc. must also be taken into consideration.
•             You need to be willing to be a pack leader.

Who are Personal Protection Dogs Good For?

•             Single women
•             Families
•             Businesses
•             Large estate/property owners
•             Personal protection of individuals fearing for their safety
•             Handicapped individuals
•             Senior citizens
•             Police
•             Military
•             Government officials

In short, they’re great dogs for just about anyone who is willing to constantly learn and invest in training.

Why They’re  Perfect for Families

The FBI approximates that in 2014, there were about 1.2 million violent crimes reported across the country with over 8 million property crimes, 80,000 rapes and 14,000 murders (many of which happened at victim’s residences). With growing social unrest within the US, those numbers will only continue to climb.

Contrary to popular belief, protection dogs are awesome family dogs, and act both as companions (not pets) and as built in security systems for you and your household that you can take almost anywhere. A quality professionally trained dog will be calm enough to be handled by children, and obedient enough to take orders from important family members they’ve been bonded to.

They are not aggressive dogs, as aggression typically derives from fear. They are often calm, collected and intent on protecting when they perceive a true threat. They will not, as long as they’re properly trained, assume that everyone and everything is a threat.

Not All “Personal Protection” Companies Are Equal

- Be very careful about companies that claim to have the best personal protection dogs in town. That $1000 dollar personal protection dog on Craigslist is, in all likelihood, NOT a professionally trained personal protection dog and can be extremely dangerous. Do your research. Look in to companies for a while before deciding to go with anyone yet, and check references. A good protection dog will cost you between   $15,000–$40,000 on average. If you don’t have that kind of hard cash, consider pulling out a loan. Having a protection dog is an investment in your safety and security, and can make all the difference in a life or death situation.



The highest caliber personal protection dogs the world has to offer!



The highest caliber personal protection dogs the world has to offer!





Woman Protection Dogs

When we are talking about Woman Protection Dog, we are pretty serious about it. Woman are more targeted by criminals, why? Because they are easier to fight physically, easier to robber them …rape them…

It can happens everywhere, I don’t want you to be paranoiac, just careful!, especially when you are going for jogging, night walks, or late shopping. A well trained dog can give peace of mind during this activities, for you and for your family members as well. Almost every person doing the same thing while jogging, listen to favorite music, puts their ear pods, start the music and run, but then they can’t hear the surroundings, just focusing on their track, the distance, the speed, heart beat rate… and then can happen the attack on you, because you are following your routine, and it can be discovered by others, your habits can be learned by others…and that makes you a possible target.

But, if there is a dog on your side, trained for Woman Protection Dog by Mrazovac K9, it is changing the story! Dogs are a great “mind changers” for criminals, they will think twice before start and insult or try to attacks on you. If someone still dares to take steps and try to hurt you, that person will learn quickly the skills of your dog, the dog will bark loudly, aggressively toward the threat, will show teeth’s, get in aggressive posture toward the attacker, it will give you time to analyze the situation, get in safe distance and call the police, or just simply get home safe and sound.


Personal Protection Dogs

The use of dogs for security and protection purposes has been in the league for quite a long time now. It is observed that dogs have unmatchable powers to sense suspicious activities. Moreover, when it comes to personal protection, you can depend upon trained dogs without any doubt.

Are you also searching for personal protection dogs? If yes then Mrazovac K9 is the place for you. It is a well-established Academy, an esteemed International Kennel founded by Mrazovac family in the year 1981. The company has been registered in Brussels, Belgium by FCI. Their years of experience in dog training are a clear evidence of how proficient they are at this job.

No matter which breed of dog you have, Doberman, boxer or a German shepherd, Mrazovac K9 would provide you with guaranteed positive outcomes. It is the best dog training institute in Stara Moravica. The major reason behind the success and renowned image of Mrazovac K9, is due to their consistent efforts in improving their style of work. You can find the use of cutting-edge syllabus advanced training technology at this training institute.


How Are Dogs Trained At Mrazovac K9?

Each dog at Mrazovac K9 Academy goes through a selection process before being trained. This includes checking the attitude, health, and temperament of the dog. The trainers believe that the more early you start, the much well trained your dog would be.

The dogs are provided disciplinary training that allows them to monitor the behavior, obedience and aggressiveness level. They are prepared to protect young children, women, and property too. Surprisingly, dogs can also be trained to assist disabled elders at Mrazovac K9 Academy.

According to Mrazovac K9 – A Dog Training Center is also a good source to buy trained dogs for personal protection. The faculty at Mrazovac K9 is well equipped with required skills and competencies to handle dogs of different breeds and temperament. The Academy also provides courses for the ones looking to emerge as dog trainers. This curriculum consists of both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Family Mrazovac is the founder and owner of the dog school "OF STARA MORAVICA".
As an International Kennel it is registered in 1982 by F.C.I. in Brussels (Belgium).


The Mrazovac K9 Academy has gained through years,with experience in dog training for military,police,sport...nowadays with the 3rd and 4th GENERATION of Professional Dogtrainers our family is focusing on Family Protection Dogs , Personal Protection Dogs, Executive Protection Dogs , Our way of thinking in this Family Business makes us different from other companies, Our motto leads us the way " From Family to Families"

We are not only working with dogs,we living with them,all year long,24 hopurs a day.We are breeding,working,living with dogs.Our puppies are raised up in a family environment,learning from early ages the house rules/manners,they are comfortable with different flooring(tiled,carpet,concrete),also know the stairs,learned for car rides...


Every instructor has a lifelong practice and experience.
We love dogs very much as well as people.

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Gun or Protection Dog:

Best Way to Protect Your Home?

A protection dog will act as your first line of defense and even if it is not enough to discourage an intruder, the firearm will act as a solid last line of defense.

Safeguarding your home, your family and your valuables is more difficult than ever. With a residential break-in occurring every 13 seconds in the United States, it is important to take necessary precautions against this very real threat.

But what is the best way to protect your home?

This is a subjective question since the will of the intruder will ultimately determine whether your home is invaded or not. There isn’t much to be done against a burglar hell-bent on getting into your home or one who is willing to risk life, limb, and imprisonment without a second thought.

Is it better to buy a gun or a protection dog?

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I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful job you have done helping us acquire,train and develop our Doberman CASINO.He is a pleaseure to live with and greatly enchance the quality of our lives in every way.

Dr.Jason R Lee

Atlanta, Georgia

At first I was apprehensive to wire money to another country but I am glad I did.

Kevin P.

California, USA

We were certain Mrazovac K9 was the best place to get a dog from and that we had the right dog on the way; so we found that we did not worry at all during the waiting period.



My fear is gone!since I have Nitro on my side he is keeping me safe,showing his affection every time its needed!I am super happy with Nitro,he is sweet,great with my other dog's,very well behaved in the house and with my family.

Karen& Nitro


When the time comes to get another dog, I'll be contacting Laslo again. I know I'll be receiving a well trained dog that can fit into my family from the moment I bring him home.

Michelle H.

Sacramento, CA, USA

She is not crying in her crate but seems very comfortable there now. We are very happy with her.



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