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Our Mission

All dogs guaranteed to:
Obey - your whispered commands off-leash.

Protect - relentlessly and unmatched until given his "release" command.

We are not dog brokers who sell Schutzhund (sport) titled dogs for ridiculous ($30,000 and more) prices.
We are trainers who have the 'real thing' - dogs that are trained from an early age to protect you and your family in real situations and not just how to bite an arm sleeve on a training field.
Although most of our dogs have excellent pedigrees, they are not selected for their paperwork. They are selected for their individual health and temperament which is correct for the demands of our program. Our dogs are friendly and dignified. Aggression is only displayed on your command or in the face of a direct threat.
All our dogs come from one trusted source, Branko Mrazovac of Europe. Branko, with over 35 years experience, personally selects the best young dogs Europe has to offer.

There are no middlemen in our program jacking up our prices. Dogs come straight from a top European breeder/trainer to our training program. Our dogs will not be out performed in obedience or protection anywhere in the country. We take such great pride in the quality of our dogs that we guarantee the dog's training for life. At under $10,000 for most dogs, you will not find a better quality companion and protector for twice that amount in this country. We guarantee it.
Serious inquiries may contact us for more details.

Our dogs are chosen for health and temperament first


We have been dog breeders and trainers from Europe for more than 35 years.
It is our family enterprise consisting of eight members. Our domicile is in a quiet place
between Budapest and Belgrade. We have breed and trained more than 1000 dogs
so far having always the top European breedlines. We have a modern training field
where excellent licensed decoys are engaged. As for the accomodation of dogs,
we have forty kennels.
We breed, train and sell dogs such as German shepherds,
Belgian malinois, rottweilers, dobermans, boxers, puppies, young dogs and fully
trained dogs. Our prices are correct depending on dogs' quality.
In our dog breeding centre various dogs are available such as police or
SCHh sport dogs, personal protection, security K9, family pets, trail-dogs, watchdogs etc.
They all possess the F.C.I regular pedigree, dog show and training prospects.
In our work we respect the highest world standards in the field of dog breeding,
law, ecology and protection of animals. Therefore our trained dogs are well-balanced
and happy.
We are able to ship the dogs to you with all the regular documents.
All of us are dog breeders and licensed specialists in dog training.
Buy from us fully trained dogs of top quality. We guarantee completely.
If you visit us, accomodation and board are assured at a hotel. A possibility presents itself for horse-riding in a famous riding arena, too.

Zobnatica, the magnificent beauty of Panonnia, is only 140 km away from Belgrade and 30 km from Subotica. As an ideal locality, Zobnatica has been known for more than 500 years. Nature and people have created an oasis of life in the plain of Backa. Only its name - Zobnatica - has been preserved from the ancient times. Reminiscent of that past is an old castle and one great love - horses. Today vast pastures are only a memory. Hard-working Zobnatica has been collecting excellent crops from that rich soil, but the fast galloping horses keep the tradition of the best Yugoslav horse-farm. Today, it is a homogenous industrial system with improved agricultural production and with flourishing tourism and catering. A unique specialty is the Stud of racehorses and the splendid lake in the Valley of rascals.

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Horse gallop has been resounding here for hundreds of years, sometimes faster, sometimes quieter, but always pleasant to man's eye and soul. One can only guess how much champagne has been drunk out of thousands of winner's cups. The names of Pastrmka and Kolubar, Karmenka and Kanada, Kazanova and Kamenko, black and bay horses, are well known. The impressive figure of Jadran II symbolizes love, tradition and two hundred year history of this horse-farm. Winner's cups silently tell us stories about their victories but also about people who took care of them and made them champions. That part of history has been preserved in the only Yugoslav museum of horse breeding. It exhibits equipment, cups, vases, valuable paintings, parts of costumes and dresses.

In Zobnatica there is also the modern JADRAN 3* hotel with its 20 double bedrooms, three apartments. The majority of rooms, which are modernly equipped by TV sets, mini bars and telephones, are in the old castle. The hotel has two restaurants halls with 350 seats, a TV hall, as well as the Yellow and the Green hall, suitable for business lunches. Next to the hippodrome there is a pub (Carda) for 40 people indoors and 360 people in a covered pub place and banquet halls. The guests can also make use of a sauna, a trim cabinet or a bowling alley or go for a walk in clean, fresh air. As a gratitude to the Stud of horse races and its tradition of over 200 years, the guests are offered tourist riding, both for children and adults with or without training, school of riding, riding around Zobnatica and carriage driving.

Riding along lakeshore or driving in a hackney carriage count among favorite pastime activities here. If it is too hot, you can find refreshment in cool lake water. And when the day comes to the end, you can relax listening to music and savoring excellent food. For hunters and anglers the expanses of Zobnatica is a real discovery. Zobnatica lake is one of the richest fish lakes in Vojvodina and anglers catch carp, pick-perch, pike and other species.

Hunting ground is abundant in pheasants, hares, ducks, partridges, quails and does. The racecourse and the biggest and most beautiful horse races in Yugoslavia. Pleasure for viewers' eyes and hearts. As usual, Zobnatica horse races will take place in September. Zobnatica, the oasis of life, invites you and wishes you welcome. Join us!